We have an online company and computers consequently form an integral part of our business. Any technical downtime affects our operations severely. Technical support and assistance are critical to ensure the number of onsite and off-site computers, all connecting to a central server, function properly.

We have been using Dontech Computer Services since 2009 to help us with all of our computer related issues. Whether it was advice on what equipment to buy, providing hardware, setting up networks or problem finding and general maintenance, we have always found the Dontech team to be truly professional and of great value to our business. They have often worked outside normal business hours to help us minimize any downtime. Through their commitment and assistance, we have been able to upgrade our systems to a point where we now have a stable, functioning network. This was only possible because of Dontech Computer Services taking a key interest in our business and knowing what solutions would provide the best outcome to our specific situation.

I can confidently recommend Dontech Computer Services as a solid and reliable supplier of technical support.

Pieter Pretorius
After A Quote

We couldn't be happier with the support provided by Dontech Computer Services. They really understand the needs of our business and they have created effective solutions to improve our overall network. The service they have provided our business is the absolute best. Always prompt, always professional and always proactive, Dontech take care of our IT so we can focus on running our business.

Darren Higgins
Higgins Signs & Plastics Pty Ltd

With Dontech Computer Services we get fast response times, experienced professionals, no technical jargon and best of all, peace of mind. Quite easily the best and most reliable IT support business that we have ever used.

Daryl Bledsoe
Kinwell Consulting

We use Dontech Computer Services for all of our IT support needs and we have always found them to be extremely responsive and great to deal with. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs trustworthy and reliable IT support people who speak a language you’ll understand.

Matthew Nixon
Nixon Constructions